Beaux Art Ball

Group: Yixuan Ye, Kevin Clark, Yunqi Lei

In this project, we designed a set of avatars in the virtual reality scene for the player to control and a system of interactive environment influenced by the avatar.
The theme of the avatars is the skeleton. Based on the principles of rigging systems and motion kinematics, we explore ways to amplify and extend the reach of our body through an avatar.

Avatar rig controlled by VR headset and limb controllers

Small environment robots target avatar right hand(A3) and follow its motion

Light intensity at small robot endpoints depends on the distance to the target

Avatar left hand(A2) select new target for relocation using laser

Avatar starts on the ground at a snap position that is equidistant from both the big robot and points

Participant presses button on controller while lifting his left arm higher than 1.70m to request robot pickup

Depending on the distance from “A2” to “R” points on robot ends, or anather robot will answer the call

Participant can choose his new location within the cage by pointing the laser beam to one of the “G” floating targets

Avatar has been transported successfully to new location

Avayat foot “A4 snaps to mesh target “E” to be in an upside down position with a new prespective to the environment

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